5 places you can save money

Cost of living is increasing dramatically. This means you are spending more money than you were a few years back. However, there are things you can do to save a lot of this money.

1. Food: You really cannot cut down on food, but you can cut down on eating outside, or ordering food from outside. If you and your family are in a habit of ordering from outside almost everyday, consider setting out 2-3 days when you “will” not order from outside. This alone could save you about 400-1000 dollars every year.

2. Transport: Transportation and vehicles are another area where you can cut down specially when gasoline prices are taking a jump up. Instead of going out again for errands, why not pick them up while returning from office? Remember, vehicles are not only costly to buy, but to maintain and operate as well. Make sure that your vehicle gets proper maintainance like checking tire inflation , and oil on a regular basis so you can get maximum milage from your vehicle.

3. Loans and insurances: When was the last time you compared your loans and insurances? There are other companies which are offering a better deal, or a lower rate of interest charged on a shorter term. Sometimes your current company will offer a deal if they think they will lose you. Just ask.

4. Communication: Compare prices of cell phone service providers, internet, satellite TV etc. Is there another company offering a better deal. It could be a family pack, where you save money if you use the same provider for the entire family.

5. Shopping: In today’s time you can use the internet to compare prices of almost anything. Use this option to check out the prices of things you want to buy and see if you can get a discount, or a deal in another store.

Over the next few days, take time to review your family’s expenses and expenditures and try to cut down some of these expenses. With just small and minor changes you can make a significant difference in your overall household budget.

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