10 Cheap European Countries That You Need To Visit

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A true treasure trove of amazing and out-of-this-world destinations, a tour in Europe is no doubt the ultimate dream of any avid traveller.

But, there is one catch here. Visiting countries in Europe often requires a hefty sum of cash, mainly because having a great time in these places comes with a steep price. However, don’t lose hope!

The good news is that there are still many cheap European countries you can visit that will never leave your pockets empty. Here are 10 of your best choices for your ultimate budget-friendly European visit!


Kicking off the list is Bulgaria with its stunning beach towns on the coastline of the Black Sea, epic hiking trails in the lush mountains, and interesting cultural history.


The eye-catching architecture, crystal clear waters, fresh seafood, and lavender fragrance are just some of the many things that draw many budget travellers to Croatia every time.


Czech Republic

Despite the recent price spikes, the Czech Republic remains to be one of the cheap European countries you can visit. Karlovy Vary is a spa town worthy to visit, as well as Brno and the wine region of Moravia.


If you are on a tight budget, visiting Hungary deserves to be included on your bucket list. The transport, accommodation, and food are all very affordable and even its capital Budapest won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Thanks to its smaller crowd of tourists, you can pretty much explore Moldova and have it all for yourself. This is filled with beautiful architecture and rich in interesting history so it is surprising that it remains to be undiscovered, untouched, and underrated.

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Fresh seafood, infinite crystal clear waters, and scenic hiking trails are just some of the many offers of this small country. Montenegro is the best place to visit if you want t cheaper, less crowded, and less busy holiday getaway.


If you are looking for a great night out, Poland deserves to top your list. This is the top choice for those who need weekend escapades on a budget. Krakow in particular is where you can go if you want to enjoy pub-hopping.


Romania’s diverse geography is the reason why it is gaining more popularity as a budget European destination for multi-activity holidays. This will fill you in with your cravings for bustling capitals, lush country, side, and stunning castles for less as you sip some tasty wine.

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The charming city of Slovakia may not attract large crowds of tourists but it is still worth of several days of exploration if you are on a budget. Top it with affordable drinks and food and you just have an amazing getaway in your hands.


The last reply not least of the cheap European countries, Ukraine should be your top choice if you want to pretend that you are a high-roller even when you are on a budget. With its cheap transportation, dining, beer, and more, Ukraine is guaranteed to leave you satisfied more than you expected.

You see, travelling to Europe doesn’t have to be expensive. Armed with a few tips and knowledge, you can explore these cheap European countries in no time!

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10 Cheap European Countries That You Need To Visit


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