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Money is such an essential commodity that we can’t imagine our life without it. Living a financially stable life is not as easy as it sounds because earning money may be quite easy but at the same time saving it takes a huge effort and proper attention. In fact, saving is the only thing that could give us financial freedom and a tool to realize our dreams.

Here we will discuss 5 ways to save money, there are various ways to save money depending on our choice and condition but these tips are the best possible ways that anyone can follow to achieve financial freedom. Money plays a vital role in our lives and almost in every walks of life, your saved money is only going to help you out.

Before discussing 5 ways to save money let’s answer a basic question – why it’s important to save money? This question can be answered in multiple ways but the best answer is that we all know life is full of uncertainties, we don’t know what’s going to happen the next second we may face any type of financial emergency. And most of the problems can be dealt with if we have a financial backup, so to deal with any type of financial eventualities and to realize our long-term goals saving money is utmost. Now let’s discuss 5 ways to save money :


The first step towards saving money is that we must have a clear-cut picture in our minds. Why do we want to save our money, what’s the purpose and where we will be using that money? Once the goal is clear it will motivate us to save money in a positive manner as it will give us a sense of pleasure in realizing our dreams.

So first set up a goal, the goal may be long term i.e. Children’s education, Marriage or any other, or maybe short term like making an investment, purchasing essentials, etc. Once we set up a goal and start saving money it will automatically help us to achieve our dreams and live a happy life.

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Every month we use to pay a lot of debt and most of our hard-earned money goes after paying interest on our debts. The best way to reduce this wastage and save money is to cut off debts as far as possible, as there may be some small debts that can be paid. In this way starting from the lowest debt step by step try to cut off all the debt and you will be free from paying unnecessary interest, in that way you will save your money without actually realizing it.

We don’t pay much attention to small loans but they take a huge amount of money in the form of interest, so if we cut off them we can make use of that money towards our savings. According to experts also reducing debt can really help you save your money in an efficient manner.


Each month we receive a salary but there’s the best way to save money it. You should decide on a fixed amount that needs to be saved necessarily and cut that amount from your salary in advance so that you use the rest of the amount towards your expenses without thinking much about your savings. Once you cut off your saving from the salary you will automatically adjust to balance your expenses out of the remaining balance. This is the best way to save money and is followed by most people because saving can’t be done on the last day of the month it should be done on the first day itself and then expenses should be done.

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We should keep records of our money flow i.e. where our money is going, to do this we may use a mobile application or simply a diary and note down all our expenses of the month. It is very much useful as it gives you an idea of your expenses and also lets you decide where you can save money by cutting unnecessary expenses. Your tracking of money flow helps you to figure out new ways to save money by simply making a few changes to your expenses. This thing may sound simple and unimportant but once you start tracking your money you will realize its benefits towards saving money.


As you know that things costs per brand one thing may be available at different prices as per their brands like taking the example of shoes you can find a shoe costs $50 off the low brand and $500 from a famous brand. But the real thing is you have to make out the necessity of the requirement and its purpose and how you are going to use it.

If your purpose is just for fashion then you can buy $50 shoes but if your purpose is like running then you can go for a brand as it will be good for your legs. So you must purchase things as per your requirement and not go after brands all the time. It will save you a lot of money without compromising your essential requirements. You can also make use of sale offers that come from time to time to get things of your choice at cheap rates.

We have just discussed 5 ways to save money, although there are a lot more ways the above-shown ways are easy to implement in your day-to-day life, and you can save your money easily without any extra financial knowledge. Sometimes we do things just to show off and purchase costly things but that’s not a good thing as it will waste your huge amount of money and will give you nothing in return. Instead of pleasing others start saving money for yourself as it will only let you realize your dreams.

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