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Fashionable outfits come with a price or so we think. Well, this is not essentially true all thanks to the loopholes which allow us to save on clothing. We believe almost everyone at some point has found themselves torn between whether or not to spend too much on fashionable clothing.

It does not matter whether you are shopping for casual or formal clothing since it has been noticed that if they are fashionable, the prices tend to become extraordinarily high. Yet, you need not break a sweat worrying on how to invest in expensive formal clothing.

We are here to share tips that will help you save money and find clothes you desire at reasonable prices. The trick is not to hold yourself back and get on to a scavenger hunt when it comes to shopping. Step from outside the boundaries of pricy department stores and mall brands while exploring alternatives.


Switch To Resale And Consignment Stores

The resale shop is different than the usual thrift store in comparison as it offers a wide range of shops that also include thrift stores. When speaking generally about resale stores, the house products that are sold to customers at less than the actual price.

In simple words, a resale shop is the one that acquires used goods for resale. They are typically classified into three basic categories — consignment shops, buy-outright shops, and thrift shops. A consignment shop is like a partnership deal where the shop accepts goods from patrons, merchandises them for sale, and pays a portion to the contributor. A buy-outright shop tends to purchase used goods only to mark them and earn while making a profit. Non-profit organizations for charitable causes are most likely to run thrift stores.

Feel free to let yourself drift towards these great alternatives to malls and expensive boutiques. Consignment and resale stores are the best alternatives that offer you great pieces for reasonable prices. In fact, you can also use your clothes gently and sell them in consignment stores, which is definitely a good way to invest in fashion.


Sign Up For Members-Only Websites

This is a highly recommended idea, especially for those who wish to not compromise on designer items. Yes, we are totally hinting at how you can save money on designer items. Simply sign up with sites like Rue La La or Gilt, so that you don’t have to pay full price.

In our opinion, this idea is going to be a personal favorite of every brand-conscious fashionista. After all, these members-only websites are offering designer brands for a lot less than retail value or shall we call it a paradise for every fashionista?

Brands are available for a limited period so you might want to keep tabs on these websites. The above-mentioned websites also have fairly low shipping charges, along with a one-time monthly shipping fee of approximately $10. If you are someone who is into renowned brands, it is definitely the right way to get about the latest fashions at affordable prices.


Shop Online Clearance Sales

One attractive thing about shopping online is the time discounts that they offer. Though when shopping online you miss the opportunity to feel the texture of an outfit or cannot try it on, we believe the usual online sales cover up for it. Never forget online retailers when you’re shopping for corporate clothes. They are quite promising in terms of impressive discounts and a larger selection than most stores, especially on clearance items.

Go Thrift Shopping

Browse independent and chain thrift stores because it is like a treasure chest! Think of yourself as a pirate set out on a hunt for gold! Independent thrift stores or boutiques are quite known for providing absolutely gorgeous vintage garbs. You must try visiting chain thrift stores like Goodwill, Savers, and the Salvation Army which are conveniently located around the country.

If you have a little extra time on your hand, then go through all your options. This way you can bargain and it will absolutely be worth it. It might be time-consuming to sort out all the options, but we guarantee that you will find something unique and original as compared to the mall brands.


Think Of Swapping Clothes With Your Friends

It is safe to say that if it were up to us then we wouldn’t want to repeat any outfit. Host a clothing swap with your friends and in this way you can get new clothes without spending a dime on it. You all can schedule a swapping session and specify the types of clothing and accessories. In fact, why not make it bigger by hosting a mini house party with food, drinks, and a movie to fit the theme. This is indeed the perfect way to double the fun by spending great night-in with friends as along with brand new clothes to spice up your wardrobe.

If you wish to be more organized, then make it a point to go through your wardrobe and make a list of everything that you don’t wear from there. Set up the trading day with your friends or family members and maybe even take anything you have left to a consignment shop. New clothes plus some extra cash, hurray!

The five ideas mentioned above are not only clever ways to save on formal clothing, but also on casual ones. Follow these few simple ideas and we guarantee that you will save drastically.
Happy Shopping!

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  • These are such great tips. I spend so much on clothes but still feel like I never have enough so I definitely need to try some of these.

  • I love all these tips! I struggle to find things that fit me well in thrift shops here in SA but I do love shopping online! 🙂

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