5 Tips to save money on the tight budget

There are few tricks that one can use to save money even where you are on the tight budget, in this post I share 5 tips I use to cut down our home monthly budget.

Buy in Bulk

Although some products requires you to buy fresh like meat and vegetables but you can save money here and there by buying in bulk for every day household products. What you can do is make a list of every essential products that you use in your home. Doing so you will not end up you will not end up buying multiple quantities of items that may ends up unused. Things like toothpaste, tin food, cleaning product ages really well and you will never find yourself throwing away food like pasta.

In my family we buy things that will last us at least six months and religiously stays away from premier food stores and opt for places that can sell us on the factory prices or close.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry, and make a list

Resist the temptation of buying things you don’t need when shopping, I don’t know how many times I ended up buying coffee or even a dress simply because it had a red tag sale on it. Making a list (and sticking to it) is a great way of stopping the money spilling out. When shopping with kids bring them something that way you can reduce snaking especially when you are using the mall as the temptation to spend is too high.

Turn Off the Power

Up until last year we almost never cared how much power we were using and were happy to just paid up, but that was when we began our frugality lifestyle. You have no idea how much money you can save by just un-plugging few things at night. Things like tv, microwave, dishwasher don’t need to run all the time in fact the only thing that run through the night in our family is the fridge. You can save up to %10-30 on your current bill with just few habits.

Cut the cable TV

I know it almost sexy to have Cable tv but we have to be honest by asking if we really need it. The truth of, the matter is cable eat your money every year without you realizing. Truth be told most of us don’t really watch tv that much anymore but rather watch our content online it almost like paying for land-line phone that you haven’t use in years just because you really believe it might come in handy some day.

Ask for discount

This one is tricky if you are not a good negotiator but it one I had to learn if I wanted to be frugal. When buying things like furniture or even a car you should always ask for discount beside the worse they can say is no.

Obviously you can not do them all at once but try few things you will never know, you might be sitting on the money. You can also share your saving tips below.

25) Simply Tips To Save Money On Kids Party
Kids party is all about fun but that usually comes with the hefty price, the budget can explode halfway through planning. I’ve came up with few trick that one can use to easy up your pocket.

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Create a budget
Creating a budget and sticking to it is the must, you can still throw a great party without spending big you just need to be creative. Remember it about memories bit not trying to outdo the last neighborhood party.

The cake issue
Cakes are expensive that the painful fact, since I am aware very much that without a cake there’s not [kid] party you can you can opt to bake one yourself or ask the family friend if you are not that good.

Invite fewer people
Invite fewer and insist on kids only unless it a friend who will help you out during the party. Often the invites start small and before you knew the entire neighborhood and the class is invited. Try keeping the party small with just close friends and inviting adult can add costs ad would need food specially for them.

Children eat less so don’t go over board when thinking about food, you can make things like sausage rolls, small burgers and most finger food or you can even but Pizza is a common choice for most kid’s birthday party as they are cost effective.

Be your own Dj
When it comes to music parents often hire a professional dj who often charges huge price for just an hour set. Why don’t you provide your own music after all you already know what kind of music your child like all you have to do is pump up the stereo, the best part is it will cost you zero.

Birthday party bags
FYI i’m not a fan of party bags but hey they’ve become a tradition that you literally can not go without. Parents spend between $4 or sometimes mire than $30 per bag which is insane considering your kid is the one suppose to be getting gifts. Toys are expensive, candy well forget about that one and I should know since I have a terrible sweet tooth. But If you are planning to hand them as the thank you gift then you need to spend as little as possible for them and the rule is give a bag to those who provided gift for you. Try baking cookies kids love those, during the entertainment suggest kids to create craft that they can take home.

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