9 Interiors Design and Home Trends to Dominate in 2020

A new year signifies a new opportunity to refresh your space.  We’ve looked into popular (deco) design magazines to see the trends are going to be big around 2020. 

I am listing my favorite so far and of course, this kind of list should be taken with a pinch of salt as we all have different tastes.



There should be a resurgent of Art Deco in 2020. I expect that in the coming year the influence of art deco will rise and inspire the textual design and furniture silhouettes. It’s is the ideal way to add more textures to your room as minimalism is on the decline.



A lot of organic textures are coming back in 2020 from a wall covering to decorative accents. Warmer shade colors make your pace feel at home. They can take more work to get right though, especially if you are trying to create a space with an elegant and relaxed feel. Incorporate different textures of color into space.

One of the best ways to work a warm color on your palette is to make a statement piece.

Some of the brighter colors such as Pink and Red can be utterly daunting as you try to work them into a more cohesive color scheme.



There are several ways to make your interior design environmentally friendly. You can choose to decorate with antiques, recycled furniture or natural materials the list is endless.

Handmade pieces using sustainable material are great for people to feel more grounded in their homes and more in touch, which is why this year is all about recycled deco and a sustainable piece for your home.



Wood is on-trend again and one of the best places to use it is in the kitchen. You can add a dose of warmth lust using wood to detail the place by adding a few in cabinet

Exposed wood an is alternative to all the painted wood that we’ve seen for the past few years.




Velvet doesn’t have to feel traditional. If velvet is used on custom made pieces of furniture with a clean line, it doesn’t look as stiff as if you’d put it on a Victorian piece of furniture.

A wonderful thing about velvet is that you can be daring with every style and still retain a clean and elegant appearance.



There is a growing trend like painting the kitchen in the two different colors. Think of the creamy, neutral-colored cabinets above and darker, more dramatic color of the lower drawers.



Prepare yourself because this is the year that moves away from the structured pieces towards the gentle of the curves. More and more homeowners opt for the smooth, look of the carved furniture.

All these curves are leading to softer environments that are enticing us to come and relax.



Do not neglect the functional but also esthetic roles of the doors in the interior. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, sharing all the rooms in the house but they can also often become a highlight of your interior design. Click Here for more on doors installation



My personal favorite

Most designers absolutely hate the distressed wall look but somehow the trend refuses to go away, in fact, more and more people are going for it.

It involves fantastic textures and creates a great vintage vibe. It will look like the walls of your home are peeling, tumbling down or even cracking. I particularly like the distress walk mixed with modern clean-lined furniture.



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