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We are all aware of COVID-19 by this point. It’s all we see when we turn on our televisions, social media, or just about anything that includes contact with another human. It’s scary and sure to go down in the history books for years to come. However, there is no reason to buy out all the stores in town. A few essential items are all that are necessary.


Some people may already own one of these for their morning caffeine, however, since the rise of coffee machines, those numbers have decreased. Why would it be wise to buy such an outdated product? For starters, replacing coffee machines costs a lot of money. Why spend that money when money is already low? You see, a loyal kettle is a lot less likely to die in the middle of this crisis. And, why not own one just for the vintage feel alone?


We have all seen it, people buying enough bottles of water for the whole population. The worst part? It’s completely unnecessary and once again uses your precious savings. You see, one water purification filter can filter about 300 16.9 oz. water bottles (5070 oz. per filter). This alone is a large reason to buy water filters, regardless of the pandemic. Maybe you just drink tap water and don’t see a reason to buy a filter. I urge you to think again. Why? Well, no one knows how long the pandemic will last, nor how it will affect everyday life. Anything can happen, and we should be prepared for this case. While it hopefully will not come to us needing to filter every drop of water we drink, anything is a possibility.


Some may think only front-line workers and the sick should wear masks, and while this holds the slightest amount of truth, it is still false. It is crucial that all essential workers and the sick need to wear masks as they either have or are exposed to the virus. However, you do too. Why? Well, masks do not protect you, however, they protect everyone else. They prevent your saliva and breath from spreading to others. This is important because you can have COVID-19 without displaying symptoms. Also, imagine if everyone wore a mask, the impact would be extreme in the most positive way.


If there is anything every household needs, it’s a first aid kit. However, it is more important now than ever to own one. This is because every hospital is overrun by the virus. While I am not trying to discourage you from going to the hospital if needed, it is important we are prepared to treat a minor injury at home. A small cut can be treated at home in order to keep everyone safe. There is no need for us to swarm the already overfull hospitals when it is not needed. It puts everyone involved in more stress and danger.


Another thing we have all seen and/or experienced is whole countries under mass and extreme quarantine. This shows us that it is possible for full countries to be taking severe actions. Thus, we should be prepared for this to happen. This means we should all stock with three weeks’ worth of food, mainly consisting of non-perishables, if at all possible. I cannot stress enough, however, that there is absolutely no need to go mass buying every store, just enough non-perishables to last your household in a sudden onset travel ban.

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Soap, disinfectant, and hand sanitiser are three of the most difficult products to get your hands on, however, three of the most crucial products during this pandemic. Regular disinfecting leads to a healthier life regardless of the pandemic, however now, it has become less of a habit to decrease your discomfort in the long run to a public health precaution. Helping is as easy as simply doing your part to keep the germs away.

In conclusion, panic buying is completely unnecessary and even wasteful. As shown, it is clear there are certain items that are important. We all should remain aware of the situation, however, panicking will not help. If you are going through a rough time, please reach out. I truly hope you stay safe and healthy. Please thank the essential workers, and if you are one, I thank you greatly from the bottom of my heart. Be safe.

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