How To Extend Car Battery Life – Tips For Car Battery Maintenance

It is believed that a modern car battery will last 4-5 years, almost without requiring special care. In fact, this term can be considerably reduced or extended, based on the use of the vehicle . Of course, any car owner wants to his car battery “lived” as long as possible, especially when you consider the high cost of a new battery. What are some ways you can extend your battery life?

There are a few simple rules that will answer the question

How to extend the battery life?

  • Do not use the battery is discharged, especially in winter. It should be borne in mind that during the winter the load on the battery increases, due to the fact that the increased consumption of energy for heating of mirrors, we have a long time to use headlights, complicated engine starting at low temperatures, etc. In this case, the battery does not always have time to fully charge, particularly during short trips around town. So it makes sense before putting the machine into the garage at night, turn off all electrical consumers, and allow a little work to the engine, the generator had to charge the battery.


  • Try as easy as possible to start the engine at low temperatures. Continuous operation of the starter when starting the motor should not exceed 10-15 seconds. If the launch failed on the first attempt, then, before attempting to do a moment’s pause. Just before starting the desirable “warm up” the battery by starting 10-15 seconds beam headlights. During start-up the engine fully depress the clutch pedal to uncouple the engine and transmission, thus relieving the need to turn the starter gear PPC thickened in the cold butter.


  • Regularly clean the battery terminals and check its mounting. Also watch out for the cleanliness of the battery case. Drips from the electrolyte can be cleaned by wiping with a cloth dampened in a weak solution of ammonia or baking soda. Clean the air vents. To clean the terminals, you can buy a special tool, or though- would just wipe them with a cloth. Make sure that the battery is securely attached to the vehicle. Please note that batteries are very poorly tolerate vibration is vibration is one of the main causes of premature exit of the battery, as it leads to the shedding of the active mass of the plates of the battery.


  • Charge the battery. Battery does not tolerate discharged state, the longer he is discharged, the more intense the collapse of the plate. To charge the battery, use dedicated chargers. The charging current should be a maximum of 10.1 nominal capacity of the battery, for example, the battery capacity of 55 A / h, the maximum charging current will be 5.5 A, and a full charge will last for 10 hours. Winter conduct such additional charge is necessary once in 2 months, and in the summer once every 4 months. Take precautions while charging the battery, do not smoke and do not use it near an open flame, because during the process of charging the battery acid is actively allocated detonating gas.
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  1. Great tips will definitely utilize a few of these with my vehicle. There are a few grammatical errors in your post that make it a little hard to understand, if i were you i’d re read it to make sure people fully understand these great tips.

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