Five Low-Cost Alternatives to Gym Memberships

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Whether they actually use their gym memberships or not, average gym-goers spend more than $750 each year to keep themselves subscribed. If you want to get results without spending too much money, here are things to do:


Cycling will not only make you fit, but you can also help the environment if you use your bike to commute. One common complaint is that we will be tired and sweaty when we arrive at the workplace. However, biking works well if you can take shower at work. Arrive 30 minutes early at your workplace, so you can take a shower, make a cup of coffee and get relaxed for a few minutes. By cycling to work, you will save money on gas and public transport. This is an efficient way to integrate daily exercise with your busy activities at work.

Resistance training

You can do resistance training at home and you don’t need expensive equipment. Invest in a few dumbbells to build up muscle mass in your arms. You may also improvise with any available items to strengthen muscles on your back, chest, belly and legs.

Using weight while doing sit-ups, pull-ups and press-ups should boost your muscle strength. Go to a local sports equipment shop to find affordable dumbbells and other resistance training tools.


You don’t even need to go to the swimming pool and build your own swimming pool at home. If there’s a beach, lake or river nearby, you can swim safely. Just make sure that the weather, current and wave are tolerable before you start swimming. You should do swimming to improve the strength of your shoulder, chest and arms. If there’s an affordable council-run indoor pool, then you may get good deals to swim a few times each week. You can combine swimming with walking, running, cycling and resistance training to get the best results without getting a gym membership.


Walking is the simplest kind of physical exercise. Although it is considered light exercise, you burn 300 calories by walking four miles a day. If possible, you should walk to and from work each day. At weekends, you may do long walks to achieve your weekly walking goals. You will be more motivated if you organize walking trips with friends. There could be walking clubs in your area. In these clubs, routes are already planned for participants and when walking with others, you shouldn’t be worried about getting lost.


Running is another alternative to a gym membership. It’s particularly useful for strengthening your lungs and heart. All you need to wear are a decent pair of running shoes and comfortable clothing. There are also local running clubs in many cities and it’s a great way to have social interactions with people who are also eager to run.

This has an impact on your motivation to continue running daily. If you are comfortable running 2 miles each day, it’s similar to a 30-minute session in the gym. Running is good endurance training for anyone.

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Five Low-Cost Alternatives to Gym Memberships


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