Five Tips For Saving Money Shopping At Target

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Whether you are shopping for your wedding registry, summer decor, home goods, gourmet food, or something a little less expensive, there is a way to save at Target. If you want to spend less at Target check out these five tips that can help you get more bang for your buck.

That’s the no-brainer benefit of the REDcard, but there are plenty of other ways to save at Target. Here are my top five:

Register for a Target REDcard

If you’ve ever shopped at Target, you’ve seen the REDcard logo. It’s pretty much inescapable and it means you can save 5% on pretty much everything you buy.

The most effective way for customers to save money at Target is to apply for a Target REDcard Debit or Credit Card.

Target desires consumers to frequent its shops. As a result, it provides two significant rewards cards that further reduce the cost of buying in-store and online.

  • No annual costs: Neither version of the Target REDcard has yearly fees, making it ideal for regular or occasional shopping.
  • With a Target RED card, big spenders may earn unlimited discounts.
  • Return Period Extend Target REDcard members have a 30-day return period on purchases. This is excellent for expensive objects like appliances or furnishings. No optical purchases or non-returnable products.
  • Cardholders save 10% at, compared to many hotel loyalty cards’ reductions. One year after creating their account, members enjoy a 10% discount.

Use a Target gift card for non-Target purchases:

Target gift cards can be used for non-Target purchases as long as you have the cash to cover the balance when you make your purchase. Simply hand over your gift card and pay with cash or your credit card for non-Target items.

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Use coupons to save money:

Coupons are easy to find online or through print ads and they can help you save a bunch of money, especially if you shop at Target regularly. Coupons don’t always require a ton of planning and extensive couponing, If you take the time to understand a store’s coupon policy and use a variety of coupon apps, you can easily decrease your monthly spending.

I’ll often see coupons for $5 off a $30 purchase or $10 off a $50 purchase right in their weekly ad so it pays to check them out regularly.

Earn gift cards by shopping at

Shopping on is an excellent method to take advantage of free delivery and sale of products. Additionally, you may earn gift cards when you purchase online in the GiftCard with Purchase category.

Numerous goods in this category include a free Target gift card worth between $5 and $20. Gift card benefits vary based on the amount of your purchase and the conditions of the deal, such as “Buy three, receive $5.” The Current Promotions section of Target’s website details active GiftCard with Purchase promotions.

Typically, you must spend between $75 and $100 on a single category to get a $20 gift card. Stocking up on home staples, on the other hand, should make meeting this level a breeze.

Promotional offers are subject to change. While visiting the GiftCard with Purchase area is the quickest approach to locating bargains, you must read the current promotions page to understand qualifying conditions.

Take advantage of Target’s registry program

Target’s online gift registry makes it simple to set up a register for any occasion. While weddings wish lists for children, housewarming celebrations, and baby registries are all popular, you may also construct bespoke registries to meet your specific requirements.

The majority of gift registries provide no further benefits beyond making it easy for friends and family to buy presents together and keeping track of what other gift-givers have previously purchased. Target’s bridal, baby, and college registries, on the other hand, allow register owners to save up to 15% on unpurchased registry goods.

Additionally, the baby and wedding registries contain a welcome box with different brand discounts and samples valued at $150.

Certain categories, such as gift cards, alcohol, cameras, gaming systems, and certain brands of TVs, are excluded from registry coupons.

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Bring a Reusable Bag

Target’s brand of reusable bags costs $0.99 each, using reusable products cuts waste and saves money at the same time.

Reusable bags are an excellent example of this since many businesses charge between $0.05 and $0.10 for each plastic bag they provide, so carrying your own saves you money.


While shopping at Target may not be necessary, with these tips in mind and you may be surprised at how easy it is to save some money at Target.

You will save money by being strategic the key is to decide which items are the most important and prioritize them. If you follow my tips, you will be able to maximize your Target trips, while spending less than you normally would.

Five Tips For Saving Money Shopping At Target


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