Free Accounting Software for Small Business

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Despite the fact that many free accounting software alternatives demand you to upgrade for certain features or pay for installation, many companies accounting software solutions are really not free.

When looking for free software for your small company, be aware of the possible expenses. We’ve rounded together the top free accounting software solutions. There are paid versions and add-ons for most of these features, although their basic versions are free:


Another free accounting software you should consider is Akaunting. The software offers many of the most important features that a small business accounting application should offer. You will be able to invoice, sync accounts, track expenses, set up recurring bills, manage customers, and manage vendors using this technology. To access more advanced features, however, such as online payments, you’ll have to download third-party apps, which will cost you a yearly fee in addition to whatever fees you have to pay for the third-party account itself.


It is a top free accounting software to look into from the beginning of your search. A number of bank and credit card accounts can be linked to your books with this feature. Also, you can add unlimited revenue tracking, expense tracking, and guest collaborators for free. You will also be able to scan receipts for free and invoice clients.

However, you’ll have to pay if you want your billed clients to be able to pay online immediately via the invoice.


SlickPie, a free accounting programme, is also interesting to explore for small company finances. The free edition of this accounting software includes an unlimited number of automatic receipt entries, support for up to ten separate businesses on a single account, and email assistance. Additionally, it enables you to generate quotations and estimates that may be quickly converted into professional invoices.

Additionally, SlickPie provides a free way to link your PayPal and Stripe accounts. This means that consumers will be able to pay their bills online using a credit card or PayPal—and you will only be responsible for the usual transaction costs charged by PayPal and Stripe.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a good option if you want to automate your invoicing workflows with free accounting software. The free version of Zoho Invoice lets you invoice customers and manage payments in one place. A client portal allows you to interact with customers, track expenses and customize invoice templates. Aside from that, you can run integrated time tracking for yourself and employees for project billing.

A list of the best online accounting firms for small businesses

  • 1-800Accountant
  • Bench Accounting

The services and prices of accounting firms for small businesses can be very different. The most important thing is to know what your accounting needs are and how important it is to have someone from outside your business do them for you. Most likely, even the most expensive company on this list is less expensive than hiring someone to do the work in-house.

Free Accounting Software for Small Business

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