HelloFresh Review: Is The Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

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HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that sends ingredients directly to your door so that you and your family can prepare healthy meals every week. It aimed to provide people with the chance to cook hassle-free at home using fresh ingredients.

If you’re like other people living off the frozen meals and nuking bags of frozen vegetables from Trader Joe, chances are either you’re not great at cooking or you simply don’t have time.

The food is well packaged and many of the items used to keep it safe can be recycled and sustainable; there’s no unnecessary waste they get the plus for that.

Pss; You still have to peel, chop, and measure. It does take a little bit of time to prepare all the ingredients and cook the meals. Sometimes [not all the time] a bit longer than the recipe states.



Sign up for HelloFresh is fast and simple.  You simply provide details about your name, address, and payment, you can pick what type of food you want, how many people you want, and on what day of the week you want it to arrive.


There are four types of HelloFresh food kits available

The menu choices in HelloFresh shift weekly which means if you signed up for a HelloFresh subscription, there would be a long-term variety.

When you sign up for the first time, you must pick one of four options to allow the platform to recommend the meals.

  • Meat & Veggies. This classic meal plan has the “most diverse meat, seafood, and seasonal items.
  • Veggie. The vegetarian plan contains “vegetarian recipes containing plant-based proteins, grains, and seasonal product
  • Family Friendly. The Family plan features “quick and easy meals with all the YUM-worthy flavor the whole family loves.
  • Low Calorie. This meal choice is for individuals who monitor their calorie consumption.

Ingredients are precisely measured so there’s no waste which makes it easy to track calories



Depending on how many meals you order per week, HelloFresh costs between $7.49 and $8.99 per serving [The more meals, the lower the per-serving cost]


Level 1 recipes: They ‘re easy, familiar and it’s best to start with non-experienced cooks.

Level 2 recipes: Demand somewhat more multi-tasking

Level 3 recipes: For people with more cooking experience as the recipes are more complexed


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Vegetarian, low-calorie, and family-sized meal options
  • Few prepared sauces and dressings
  • Good packaging


  • No savings opportunities for larger families
  • A two-step process to review allergens
  • Some preparation required

Speaking about cons HelloFresh isn’t for people who consider themselves to be gourmet cooks because the recipes might be too simple for your liking otherwise HelloFresh is a good idea if you do not have the time to shop or the mental energy for extensive food planning/prep after a long day.

In short, HelloFresh has Great options, easy to follow recipes, awesome quantities


It gives you the option to skip a week also very easy to cancel. You can do so online with no hassle

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Is The Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

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