How Hypermiling Can Save You Gas and Money

How Hypermiling Can Save You Gas and Money

With fuel prices per gallon reaching recent highs, many people are searching for ways to save on gas. A method that some are turning to is referred to as hypermiling, which is a route that pits a driver’s skill against an auto’s capabilities. By doing this, drivers are able to reach miles-per-gallon readings that were never deemed possible, with many reporting 80 to 100 miles per gallon.

What It Is?
This method of driving seeks to maximize fuel efficiency. Those who do it, known as hypermilers, either engage in certain driving techniques or do things to their vehicle that will help improve gas mileage. Some of the things that hypermilers do in an effort to save on fuel include:

Driving slowly: This type of driver is likely to be driving slowly, below the speed limit.

Coasting: Sometimes with the engine running and other times with it off.

Pumping tires: They inflate the tires more than the recommended amount in order to lower the car’s rolling resistance.

Ridge-riding: This is the practice of not riding where the road is worn, instead driving off-center in order to lessen resistance.

Timed driving: In order to avoid sitting at red lights, these drivers try to time their progress so they hit every green light as they drive.

Stay back: They always try to keep a distance away from the vehicle in front of them. This helps avoid brake application and allows for more coasting.

Heating up: Avoiding use of the air conditioning and rolling the windows down can save on gas mileage.

Not braking: Hypermilers try to take curves and turns at high speeds to avoid slowing down and losing energy.

Savings with Practicality
There is a following of people who find it thrilling to save money in this manner. Doing these things can save a lot of money because it keeps the vehicle from using as much fuel. Each new technique they employ adds up, and soon the savings are significant. Whether people find it a challenge or thrill to see how far they can go with a gallon of gas, it’s a trend that is catching on as fuel prices often surprise drivers.

If you’d like to join the mission and see how much you can shave off your miles per gallon log, start by determining which techniques you feel you could safely utilize. While riding without air conditioning may be a safe bet that will help save money, some of the other techniques may be a little bit much for your comfort zone.

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  1. Oh that is certainly an eye-opening article! I think I do quite a few of these strategies whilst driving hahaha, some of those sound dangerous though!

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