How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Early

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A car loan is one of the largest financial commitments one can make. With higher monthly payments and longer periods, vehicle debt may become a significant hardship for many individuals.

Its important to know that a car payment is considered too high if it makes up over 30% of your total income. 

Because you will no longer need full coverage, paying off your vehicle loan early may help you save money on car insurance.

If you have a high-interest auto loan with no refinance option, you should pay off your car loan early. You can get out of debt quicker if your car loan is paid off early, even if it has a low-interest rate. There are many methods to repay your car loan quicker and eliminate significant expenses from your budget.

Don’t Skip Payments

There are lenders who allow you to skip payments once or twice per year.

Auto loan instalments may be expensive, therefore I get why skipping a payment or two if your lender allows it is appealing. However, missing payments can push you farther away from your aim of paying off your loan early by extending the term and increasing your interest payments.


Automate Higher Monthly Payments

To pay off your vehicle loan faster, set up larger automatic instalments. Set up automatic payments of $400 or $500, for example, if your normal monthly payment is $350.

The additional money goes towards your principal and accelerates your amortization timeline. This helps you avoid the early high-interest loan period.

Make Extra Money

It might be worthwhile to consider other ways of earning additional income if you’re struggling to find extra cash and pick up a side business to supplement your income. Additional funds may assist you in rapidly paying down your remaining debt and paying less interest.

Your side hustle will bring you one step closer to paying off your auto loan early.

Biweekly Payment Schedule

The average worker gets paid biweekly, so biweekly payments make more sense. You can schedule your payments to coincide with your paychecks.

Set up an automatic payment every two weeks so that you split your monthly payment in half. The amount you pay each year might seem the same. Paying off your car loan early allows you to reduce your monthly budget without even noticing it.

Reduce Expenses

You might consider temporarily cutting out some extra expenses if you like the idea of lowering your bills. Additionally, you may be able to free up some extra cash by cutting down on your dining out, entertainment, and shopping budgets.


After you have paid off the loan, contact your car insurance company to remove the lien holder.

For early payoff, some lenders may charge prepayment penalties. If you pay your entire loan amount before the agreed-upon monthly payment schedule.

Once you’ve paid off your vehicle, your goal should be to keep it as long as possible to prevent starting again with a car loan.

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How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Early

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