Are you planning to buy textbooks? Want to know how to save money on books! You can check out the given below strategies and save a huge amount in the process.

Tips to save money on textbooks

Purchase used books

You can find plenty of used textbooks in the market. But going online will help you to get more discounts, which will mean more savings. Some sites offer used books. They may also clearly state its present condition. You can also find apps that allow you to contact other students to purchase books directly.

Check with your friends & teachers

This is the most common way availed to buy used textbooks. Your teacher may help you to provide books collected from other students. You can also contact friends you have completed that class & can provide you with books used by them. They may give it to you for a small amount or even for free!

Check out your local library

Although there are community & university libraries offering textbooks, you cannot keep them permanently. You can contact your local library and get a membership against a small amount. You can renew the books periodically.


There are few textbooks that you cannot rent or buy used ones. In such a case, you need to buy them new. Avoid buying from the very first store you come across. Rather, shop around and compare prices at different stores. Even check out online book stores, where you may be offered steep discounts.

Search for online exchange group

You can come across active online hubs at your university meant for exchanging resources, tips, to study & socialize. You can do some research & identify groups that are dedicated to used textbooks. You can post an ad to seek textbooks or have a title that others may want. You can trade your books with other like-minded students.

Find textbook scholarships

Many organizations, universities & booksellers tend to set aside some amount to provide financial assistance to deserving students. They may bear all textbook costs. Doing some research will help you to find institutions that award credit or money regularly. You can use them for titles.

Rent books

Some stores may allow you to rent your choice of textbooks from their collection. You can take long-term loans for a small amount that can be a fraction of the book’s price. But you are expected to return the books in good shape. Otherwise, you need to pay damage charges. You can also find electronic copies of affordable rent.

Every dollar counts! Following the above ways can help save money on books!

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