How I Made $47,29 Blogging: November Income Report

Welcome to my 6th income report, my overall monthly income goal is to make at least $5000 per month from this blog and I believe that slowly but surely I can work towards that goal!

Past Report

October: Income ReportIncome Report
September: Income Report

What happened in November
November was a bit disaster in terms of blogging, I had a huge problem with my hosting provider (Hostgator) as my site was down most of the time in the last two weeks of the month.

The traffic dropped – This was the hug disappointment as the the site site was going great.

I published four post including two guest post.

Goals Progress

I set up the goals for November o keep track of my progress,some were met some well.

  • Content creation: I was suppose to publish six articles but instead only four post were published. FAIL
  • Email subscribers: I set up to get at least 10 blog subscribers but instead I only achieve 4. Big FAIL
  • Pinterest followers: I set up to increase my followers to 100 and did. Success
  • Facebook: I had 250 and was hopping for 500, I managed to increase my likes/followers to 526. Success
  • Pageviews: as I said before the site took a huge hit in November mostly due to technical aspects, I was hopping to finally crack 10 000 mark but instead went to the negative route lower than expected. In the end I could only get 3400 (yes that right) from 5000 the previous month. FAIL


Income Report:

Display Advertising……$00.00…………………$05.06


Hosting (hostgator):…$11.95

Income (net) …………..$36.34

It would had been a great month if only I wasn’t having problems with Hostgator so this month I found out that their (Hostgator and probably Bluehost) server get hacked easily and for a non techie like me, it a big no no. As yes I was hacked someone actually to his/he time to heck a small site like mine.

December Goals

  • Find new host – Hostgator is good but I need to move to greener grass. I’m yet to settle on one but Fcomet and Siteground are the front runners so far.
  • Content creation – It December so i’m going to be realistic and hope for 4 articles.
    Email Subscribers – 10 is the big number again.
  • Pageviews – I truly feel like the site will kick off once I get 10 000 or more per month.

Beside for my two week nightmare the site performed better and i’m actually happy. It in the positive for the first time earning wise $47 is not much for most bloggers but for some of us it a start and can buy you coffee. I am actually looking forward to the next 12 months or so.

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  • I understand your frustration.
    Where are you located? I can’t tell based on your blog.
    I have a blog to and my goal is also to make $5K a month and I set out to make it in 4 months, therefore I know where you are coming form.
    Good luck!

  • This is such a great start. Thank you so much for sharing. This is very helpful to all of us who starts:)

  • I understand, I am into blogging and for a year I was not able to earn at all. I believe in ‘First LEARN and than EARN’

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