One of the coolest ideas in our modern world is that we can make a living working from home. Gone are the days when the mother or father (or both) had to go outside of the home each day to make a living. Becoming rich by juggling the 9 to 5 and family life has become easier. Let’s not be fooled however, into treating working from home with less importance than working for someone in an office building. This is the secret to making sure that we don’t let the money that we are earning just trickle away.

Today I want to share with you some money-saving tips if you work from home. I would encourage you to share them with others too.

Don’t Just Stay Home

Research has found that many people who claim to work from home actually engage in more domestic activities rather than working. I was guilty of this at one point. when I left my teaching job and decided to work from home, I found myself spending most of my days doing deep cleaning, laundry, and even shopping. It later dawned on me that if I were still teaching, those jobs would still get done, but in the hours before and after school. I interviewed a few ladies who were making a fantastic full time living to work from home and they helped me to see where I was going wrong. You can read that post here. So if you are actually working from home, you need to set a decent amount that you want to earn per hour, and actually stick to work that will earn you that amount. Save the other stuff for outside of work hours.

Set a Budget

A big part of saving money is knowing exactly how much money you have coming in and how much is going out. No use being haphazard about it and realizing one day that you aren’t able to save because you are spending too much. Learn to balance the books and keep your spending in check.

Dispose of Your Wardrobe

You don’t actually need all those fancy work suits and shoes etc if you work from home. How about getting some money for the ones you already own? Sites like eBay, Sphock, and Amazon allow you to sell your used items and you can set your price. Go on, create your accounts, and list the wardrobe items you won’t need. The cash you make can easily be saved towards a large purchase, a holiday, or just to ‘fatten’ your finances.

Monitor Your Energy Usage

As you work from home, you are in a good position to be able to monitor the energy usage around the home. Turn of lights, gadgets, and equipment that are not being used. You’d be surprised at the savings you make in one month if you make this a habit. Laptops, for example, do not need to be plugged in if they are fully charged. You even make an extra saving on buying a replacement battery too early, by unplugging it once it is fully charged. Go on, look around the house, and see what devices are helping to deplete your savings.

Plan Your Meals

Here’s a little piece of advice for you: decide from the night before (at least) on what you will be having for lunch the following day. Don’t just decide, pack it too, as if you were going to work. Not only will this save time in faffing about when you get hungry, but it also helps you to stay focused on your work and dietary targets too. Raiding the pantry just because you are at home, means you have to restock, and that just isn’t clever use of your savings.

Learn to say no

This one is a tricky one. I do believe in being a good neighbor, but some people think that because you are always at home, it means that you have all the time in the world to relax with them, run errands for them, or just basically be at their beck and call. Do you remember how much your one hour is worth? Well, each minute that you spend during your work time, doing less than work, it means you are not making, nor saving money. So the next time a family member or friend wants you to do something, think carefully about the worth of your time.

Use up Your Down Times

A lot of people vouch for doing online surveys since they have time at home. I can’t say I have had much luck with doing this, except for with QMEE. This one has given me something to look forward to each day when I take my 20 minutes mid-morning break and my 30-minute lunch break. At first, all I did after I got the QMEE extension on my laptop, was just search the online stores like eBay, Amazon, Missguided, etc for items like ‘ladies jeans’ and I would just see a small amount of money by the browser extension! All I had to do was select ‘send to Paypal’. Guess what, I have only ever bought one item doing this search and I have made hundreds in a short time.

Nowadays, they send me online surveys (which pay a little more than virtual shopping). Depending on how much time I had, I would do one or two surveys and send the cash over to my Paypal account. Remember to decide first which one is worth more: doing the surveys, or doing your actual work.

Life is certainly sweet when you can stay from the comfort of your own home and make a living, saving for life’s comforts, a rainy day, or for whatever you want. You do want to make sure, however, that you do use these little tips above to help you to save even more than you are saving at the moment.

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  • Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve worked from home for many years and all the advice you’ve given is true. Although there are many advantages of working from home, it takes a lot of dicipline to make it work.

  • Learn to say NO! I liked that. I also work from home and people often assume I have all the time in the world to come along when they feel like going someplace. I’ve never thought about the surveys, I’ll definitely look into it now. 🙂


  • These tips are very helpful. I am working from home and saving electricity with the current weather is kinda difficult as I already need to turn on the lights at 15:30.
    Saving money is one of the trickiest parts I had to learn as well, but now I can manage my budget a bit better.

  • Such great tips! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been working from home now for the last 10 years, but I’ve definitely gotten some new tips from this blog. 🙂

  • Monitoring your energy use is such a good idea, I’m definitely guilty of charging my devices for too long! Some very helpful tips here

  • Working from home for a few years, I have to admit you have have many good points here. I think monitoring your energy usage is definitely a big one.

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