Monthly Income report – August

It early days for my income report and it still have the long way until my primary target of $5000 a month income but still i’m motivated to push through. Although i’ve been online blogging for ten years or so truth be told I had never earn anything to be considered income really. I had always earn just enough to cover my costs coffee included so this time picking up tips from my fav bloggers i’m determined to pull through.

What i’ve done
In August I published 4 article which makes me happy because it was my minimum target.


Hosting – $12


Although blog did not make any money in August i’m happy and mostly because I gave myself 6 months window to start earning anything really.

In september i’m hoping to increase my pinterest followers I only just created an account 15 days ago so it still baby steps. I am also will be working on the facebook page.

Can you make money blogging?
That has became the age old question and the simply answer is yes but you have to put the work in. 5 or even ten years ago it was much more easy to make money I even know people who simply copied and pasted other people’s content and made income from places like adsense now you need to work. That is simply you may not earn $100 000 of dollars like those premium bloggers but you will earn enough to start building a career.

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