Monthly Income Report and Progress: October

Welcome to my 5th income report, my overall monthly income goal is to make at least $5000 per month from this blog. I believe that slowly but surely I can work towards that goal!

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August: Income Report

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What happened in October?

I met my monthly publishing goal of minimum 4 post per month which was a great achievement.

I was approved by Adsense… yay, I feel like ad networks like Adsense and are essential to new blogs in order to survive that said they are not my part of my long term strategy. The last thing any blogger want is to constantly worry about whether they will get banned or not.

I also applied for CJ affiliate and I am still in the process of applying for individual affiliate that I feel will best suit my blog.

I also used Clicksense and quickly removed it before the end of the month as they were not doing it for me, they most of their ads were non targeted. Beside all that I hustle all over Facebook ad Pinterest and usual.

November Goals

These goals will help grow blog the blog in the long term as well as getting accountable as I’ve noticed how lazy I am these days.

  • In terms of content creation I hope (must) publish 6 articles, I feel like my usual 4 is not really great for a new-ish blog like mine.
  • I hope to get at least 10 email subscribers. Getting people to sign up has never been my strongest point in fact the blog has zero.
  • Pinterest followers = I feel like Pinterest is the must for me if I stand any chance of growth so I need to hustle and get over 100 followers, currently Just save stands at only 25 followers. ( you can follow me here: pinterest url)
  • Facebook= A good chunk of my visitors comes directly from Facebook as the result of growing (slowly) my page as well as joining different blogger groups. But still I am not utilizing it to its full potential so I should try getting the total of 500 followers, currently the page is sitting at 270.
  • Pageviews: What to do, what to do? There’s no question about it the blog must get 10000 page views in November, currently it sitting at 5100 for the month of October.

Income Report – $10.50
Adsense – $2.27
Ad content – $0.5
Clicksense – $0.04

Total Income: $13.31

Hostgator – $11.95

Total Blog Income = $1.36

Yes every small victory is celebrated

In terms if growth the site is going at the right direction and the month of October was good. I feel like I am finally learning what is it to be a blogger instead of just posting article and hope something good will come out.

Earning income online takes time as I found out but i’m not in any hurry as long as my blog keeps growing than i’m happy. I had sponsored post request (about three) this month but had declined as the companies were not going to bring any value to the blog. But if the right one comes along I will definitely consider beside being approached by the SEO company for sponsored post is a major turn off.

It your turn to share what you have earned in the last 30 days. Something positive I hope.

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  • Well done, I`m sure with just tiny steps every time, you will soon be having better results, just dont give up, success comes to those that are consistant and not giving up.Been blogging for almost a year now, my monthly income is not always the best but I`m not giving up.
    If I give up today,a year or less from now, the people I started with may be making some serious income and I will still be at the same place having accomplished nothing.

  • Thank you so much sir for share this information.

  • Congratulations on your earnings from your blog Constance. It all starts small then keeps growing as long as you keep at this.

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