Monthly Income report – September

Welcome to my 4th income and progress report. Like many other bloggers out there i’m on the mission to earn full time income with my blog and this year I am more determined than ever. I’ve been blogging for ten plus year (mostly using Blogger) but i’ve never really made any money the I earned usually covered my blogging costs. So after reading religiously different Income Reports from my fav bloggers I though why not give it a try.

To tell you the truth i’m both the fan and critic of reports as dome as you might noticed looked to be bumped to attract clicks, which is why I almost convinced myself into not publishing them. That said there are a lot of encouraging reports out there that you can read for some inspiration especially those in your own niche to see how far you can take your own blog.

Blogging challenge
I challenged myself to earn $5000 per month by at least twelve months of blogging. To someone who knows a thing or two about online marketing, Seo and all that jazz $5000 might seem like a small task but although I’ve been blogging for such a long time I know almost nothing about seo. In fact most of my writing were about fictional story-telling.

I want to prove to myself and anyone really that one can make money online without investment you are dedicated enough. This time around i’m treating my blog like a business, I pour my soul and energy into into it and in the end I would expect some kind of return. So wish me luck

What i’ve done
In September I published only 3 posts one short of my monthly target, that said it was a great month.

I took the chance and applied for publisher account and to my surprise I was actually approved. I’m not expecting to make any money from them anytime soon but as the traffic picks up I definitely know that it will come handy.

Income Report…..$1.47



  • October
    I definitely need to work more on Facebook and Pinterest. At the moment
  • This month I need to get back on track when it comes to publishing articles regularly. For a new site like my this needs to be a priority and my target is six articles.

Those numbers don’t really bother me as much as I am not expecting to earn anything serious for at least another three months or so. What i’m really focusing on right now is content creation and traffic building.

So far so good

Please share how much you make from you blog any tips are welcomed

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