Monthly Online Income Report: June

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should include income report or not for on blog. To tell you the truth I’m both the fan and the critic of Income reports sometimes they comes off as little bit braggy but other times they are a genuine way of showing one’s progress and inspiration to other upcoming bloggers which is what I’m hopping to archive. I read about four or five reports from my favourite bloggers including Matthew Woodward who I love and Michelle Schrorder-Gardner’s making sense of cents which I recently discovered few months ago.

One of the reason and for the report is I want to prove that you can make money (still) from blogging in fact one can do it with just less than $10 per month depending on the hosting package you are using. I’m going for the $5000 challenge by the twelfth month JustSave should be making $5000 per month regularly.

Before I jump into that though I think I should tell you a short financial background on myself first. The short version would be I’m in my mid thirties and swimming in debts basically I owe more than I’m worth which is the sad truth. I still owe students loans which were never fully paid up still ten years later because I’ve never really been employed long enough or the salary were not livable enough to even begin paying off some debt. Then there’s loans and credit cards which is something I am looking to slowly pay off first.

Like most people I started blogging as the hobby or in my case it because writing and reading is something I usually turn to release the stress I guess you can also say becoming a professional writer (novelist to be exact) was something off the dream for me.

Plans for the blog
The first target for just save is publishing the minimum of four posts per mouth that will set me up nicely in term of getting regular visitors

What I Have Done
In the month of June I could only publish 2 articles which is short of my target of at least 4 article per month.

  • Reduce Your Shopping Bill: 20 Ways To Save Money On Groceries.
  • The Checks that Could Save you Money When Buying a Used Car

Beside traffic/visitors should help me increase DA which is sitting pretty low (understandable for the new blog) so I am hoping to write more.

Reduce Your Shopping Bill: 20 Ways To Save Money On Groceries received the most visitors which was surprise it also got mentioned at Wisebread which made me jump all over with joy.

Income Report

Hosting: $12
Alexa : $10

Overall income

The blog made a loss which was expected for a new blog, to tell you the truth I am not expecting to make that much money for at least 6 months.

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