Reduce Your Shopping Bill

Life is expensive nowadays, especially when it comes to having a family and trying to keep everyone fed while sticking to an important budget, too. If you’re looking for some tips on trying to make the money last a little longer and go a little further than you need to put some time and focus on the idea of being smart every time that you go to the grocery store. Here are 20 great ways to save money and make sure that you still put good, nutritious meals on the table for your loved ones.

Always have a list

If you have a list, you know what you need before you get there. It keeps you on task and you won’t be as distracted while shopping.

Watch the flyers

Certain weeks will give you certain things on sale, so make sure that you put the time and focus into going through those flyers and making lists using those guidelines. A couple of dollars can make a difference!

Shop on a full stomach

This is often the best way to shop. You’ll be more focused on food in the future, leading you to make better choices health-wise. It also makes it easier to stick to a list.

Go to a familiar store

There’s nothing like trying to find something, not being able to find it and wanting to just buy a little bit of everything and then head home. So, make sure that you go to a familiar store that you know the layout pretty well.

Take your time with the process

If you’re in a rush, try to make sure that you avoid grocery shopping. It’s best to take the time to really take a look at your list and go through the aisles at a slow pace and get it all done the first time around. It’ll make it easier on the pocketbook, too.

Do the tally as you put things into your cart

Try to bring a calculator along and make sure that you do a tally as you are putting things into the cart. This will keep you focused on making sure that you get what you need but won’t be surprised when you get to the cash register.

Organize your list by department

In order to stay streamlined but still getting a little bit of everything in terms of what you need, organize your list by department. That way you won’t have to double back and get something you forgot.

Plan your recipes beforehand

The recipes that you want for the week will tell you what you need, so try to make sure that you plan then before you head to the store and get everything done.

Try to stay focused

Try to shop alone, or avoid your cell phone as much as possible. This will keep you entirely focused on the task at hand, meaning you’ll make good choices and you’ll get home much faster!

Stick to your list

This is critical in saving time and money. Stick to your list and don’t vary from it for anything other than practical sale items that you know for sure that you are going to be using regularly.

When it comes to 2 for 1, be careful

If you want to take advantage of a sale like this, make sure that you are actually going to be using the items that you are buying. This makes it a good and beneficial sale for you personally.

Avoid buying snacks

You can make your healthy snacks at home, so do your best to avoid any kind of snacks that are going to make you spend more money and make bad nutrition choices.

Do your own meal prep

Because we are busy, a lot of us are tempted to buy those “Salad in a bag” items, but buy all the individual items yourself. It’s cheaper and it really doesn’t take that long to prep.

Buy in bulk

Buying bigger bags or boxes is usually cheaper in the long run, so with items that you use a lot, or you use them in big portions, go ahead and get the bigger box. It’ll give you more return for your money.

Try no-name brands

No name brands are just as good in a lot of ways, so try to go for those when you are looking at regular items like pasta or sauce. It will give you a bit of saving.

Buy other household items at a different store

Go to a different store for household items. This will keep you saving money, and you’ll find that other stores don’t charge the same prices for these same items.

Use everything in your cupboard before buying more

Organize and use all things in your cupboard before you buy more. This will keep you saving money as much as possible and also help you to enjoy all of your food choices.

Avoid canned food

This not nutritious is expensive, and won’t be giving you many good things out of having it in your cupboard.

Don’t be conned by a “sale”

Sometimes “sale” can be not actually worthwhile for you. Maybe it’s the food, the discount, or the amount, but you need to remember that you don’t have to buy it just because it says “sale” on it.

Only go once per week

This is critical. Go once a week to the grocery store. It means you won’t have to spend as much money and you’ll stay more focused and on task. Frugal spending at its best

When you are looking to find productive ways to save money at the grocery store, these 20 tips will help you to make sure that you go about it the right way. We’ll all be happier on the other end of it, whichever tips seemed to help you the most.

Reduce Your Shopping Bill

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