The Best Streaming Services for your children

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2019 ushered the dawn of streaming service wars where incumbent Amazon Prime and Netflix ranked ahead of Disney+ and Apple TV+, even though the latter offer libraries of children’s titles.

According to a study done in March of 2019 by Vindicia, a business-to-consumer monetization company for digital services, at least 70% of American households are subscribed to at least one streaming service, with 3.4 service subscriptions per average American. This is mostly due to the availability of numerous streaming services to choose from that cost an average cost of  $8/month.

With the easy availability of streaming options ranging from free streaming services to paid versions, parents always look for the best options ideal for the whole family. Based on surveys conducted in 2020, Netflix, YouGov, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are the best streaming services for kids’ content.

At least 60% of parents vouch for Netflix for kid-friendly content from these numbers, with 34% of them saying they like it because it offers educational content. This is why Netflix is at top of the list for the best streaming service for kids’ content.

So, which is the best streaming service for children? Here is a comprehensive guide to the best streaming services for your children in 2021.


Since its launch in November 2019, the Disney+ streaming service has become a favourite among parents. It offers kids a central hub for television series and films by Walt Disney Studios and television and other creators like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars makers.

You can stream on Disney+ from a wide range of devices, including iOS, Web, Amazon devices, Chromebook, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 1, PS4, and Android. It supports simultaneous streaming from up to four different devices for households with more than one child with different program preferences. It also comes with unlimited download potential for up to 10 devices.

Why it is ideal

Content on Disney+ is safe for kids, with the standard rating for all programs not higher than PG-13. It is the one place you are sure to find titles every child will enjoy, from new-age creations to classics you can watch with your kids.

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Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video has been in the market for more than 13 years, offering a ton of content suitable for different age groups. It allows streaming from multiple devices, including PS4 and Xbox 1. While it contains content for different age groups, parents can set restrictions based on rating levels on different devices. Once activated, kids cannot access restricted content without the control PIN set by the parent. Amazon Prime Video also allows parents to set controls to stop unauthorized purchases.

Why it is ideal

The best part about Amazon Prime Video is the availability of kids’ YouTube content. If your child is obsessed with some YouTube channels, Amazon Prime Video includes some of the most famous titles for kids from YouTube, like Blippi and others.


As one of the most popular streaming services globally, Netflix enjoys more than 100 million subscribers, making it a loved streaming service by people in different age groups. It offers a vast array of TV shows, films, and documentaries for all age groups and family-friendly content like Riverdale and Stranger Things.

Why it is ideal 

For kids viewing, Netflix offers parental restrictions that allow parents to create separate profiles for their children with pin code access to adult profiles. These restrictions allow parents to set filters for little kids and choose unrestricted access to all maturity levels for adults.

Netflix offers a load of kid-friendly titles, including animated films, educational cartoons, and heartwarming teen dramas. It has content ideal for kids in all age groups.

Other tips on how to control access to content on streaming services 

If you are concerned about what your kids may be exposed to on streaming platforms, there are ways to control the content they access.

Set parental controls

Most streaming services come with options that allow parents to set restrictions on content. This is the best way to ensure your kids only watch age-appropriate content. You can set parental control on a wide range of services, including Amazon Prime, and Netflix, with the option of downloading YouTube kids for kid-friendly videos.

Using a VPN 

Most kids end up watching adult content when they feel they lack options suitable for kids. To give them more access to kid-friendly content on the best streaming services for kids, you should consider downloading a VPN to unlock more content. It is possible to access more age-appropriate content from geo-restricted zones with a VPN, giving your kids unlimited access to appropriate content.


In 2015, research done by Pew Research Center showed that at least 92% of teens access the internet every day, while 75% owned a smart device. These numbers have gone up in 2021 with streaming services amongst the most commonly accessed internet services among kids and teens. To ensure your kids remain safe online, you should consider investing in kid-friendly streaming services like the best three highlighted in this article.

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The Best Streaming Services for your children


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